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Support your team when and where they're most productive

The Hybrid Workforce

These courses will help your teams manage their workload and increase their efficiency while working remotely.

  • Training available to your team both at home and in the office
  • Better integrate workers into an online team
  • Help your employees work collaboratively
  • Training delivered by videos, infographics and quizzes

What courses are included?

Dealing with the impact of change open close

30 minutes – Changes can have a great impact on your team or your company, since people are usually not very adaptable to it. In this course learn how to deal with the impact that changes leave on your team.

Leading Virtual Teams open close

1 Hour – We will look at how virtual team leaders can build relationships, coordinate the team, communicate virtually and leverage cultural awareness.

Security Awareness Training for Working Remotely open close

49 minutes – Organisations around the globe are requiring their teams to work remotely. Stay ahead of cybercriminals by ensuring your workforce adapts safely with Inspired Learning’s Security Awareness Training for Working Remotely.

Collaborative working module open close

15 minutes – This module explores the reasons for collaboration in the workplace, the different types of collaboration and the key to successful collaboration, including establishing a strong team and picking the right tools for the job.

Adventures of the lone ranger open close

20 minutes – Lone worker training is an essential part of all workplace risk management and is vital for those who employ or manage someone who is required to work in isolation from others or without direct supervision.

Contributing as a virtual team member open close

18 minutes – In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to be an effective member of a virtual team.

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