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Free courses to support health and social care workers

Help support your health and social care workers through these challenging times

Your workers are at the forefront of coronavirus response and have earned the admiration and respect of the nation. But understandably, the challenge has weighed heavily on many professionals, so to help, we are now offering every health and social care worker access to free training courses.

  • Access online training for your healthcare and social care workers – whether they’re working remotely or are undertaking their job as before
  • Courses are ideal for onboarding new starters or helping established practitioners adapt to working under lockdown
  • Subjects range from health and safety to manual handling, management advice, infection control and more
  • Interactive training with videos, infographics and quizzes, courses as short as 30 minutes
  • Access our learning management system to create your own custom training courses for staff

What courses are included?

Health and safety induction - for health and social care open close

1h 30 mins – This course covers 11 modules of health and safety for health and social care professionals, from risk assessments to ergonomics and stress management, including information on policy and legislation.

Infection control - personal protective equipment (PPE) open close

55 mins – Using personal protective equipment is a daily part of every front-line health worker’s job. This interactive course contains everything you need to know about using the right PPE for any circumstances and how to use it, including demonstrations on how to perform respirator mask fit checks.

This course has been written by healthcare content experts and peer reviewed. It is suitable for all healthcare professionals and is consistent with the applicable requirements for infection control contained in NSQHS Standard 3 and ACQS Standard.

Mental health, dementia and learning disability open close

2h 30 mins – This course defines each of these terms before considering what the experience might be for sufferers of each different condition. Through a number of testimonials, you will learn about the lived experience and support needs of those with learning disabilities, dementia and mental health issues and develop a clear understanding of what related legal frameworks currently exist. As part of this course, the knowledge element of standard 9 of the Care Certificate is covered in depth.

Delegating – healthcare edition open close

50 mins – Delegation is a necessary skill to succeed as a manager, particularly in healthcare. This course helps you identify what can, should, and must be delegated. You’ll learn to identify and overcome common issues that arrive when delegating tasks to others. You’ll also learn how to effectively structure a delegation conversation using the proven five-step process.

Handling information - for health and social care open close

40 mins – In this course you will look at the agreed ways of working, the GDPR legislation that underpins the handling of information and gain an understanding of secure systems and their importance in maintaining up to date records. The knowledge element of standard 14 of the Care Certificate is covered in this course.

Understand your role - for health and social care open close

1 hr 20 mins – The course’s four modules cover your role, your responsibilities, working relationships in health and social care, and working in partnership with others.

You will learn about your duties and responsibilities; the code of conduct’s seven core values; and the significance of reporting errors and whistleblowing. The knowledge element of standard 1 of the Care Certificate is covered in this course.

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